Two officers described as ‘God’s gift to the Native community’ were never tried in a court of law, yet implicated through a public inquiry in a decade-old Aboriginal freezing death, and fired. All this during a time of great confusion, beneath an emotional cloud of alleged racism. The cold, hard fact is: now the dust has settled, not a single Saskatoon police officer was ever found involved in a single freezing death. Citizens are asking: ‘If, the justice system can assign blame to two reputable officers without any real evidence – how safe are we?

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“A true-life whodunit,” BC Criminal Court Judge Wallace Gilby Craig, retired

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WHEN POLICE BECOME PREY: The Constables Munson and Hatchen File.

“Gripping and intense, When Police Become Prey clearly shows that something is wrong with the justice system. We will never reach our goal of eradicating racism if we merely reverse it. Justice must be color-blind.” – Dennis Watlington, Emmy award-winning writer of The Black West and Hospital at Ground Zero.

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